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Bersa Pistol Family  
Profile : Bersa Model 383DA (Model 383-A)

 A Bersa 383DA with original walnut grip stocks.
Caliber : .380 ACP
Barrel Length : 90 mm (3 1/2")
Action : simple blowback
Operation : double action trigger
Capacity : 7+1
Manufacture : 1986 - 1988
Frame : steel
Slide : steel
Internals : steel
Grip stocks : walnut
Overall Length : 168 mm (6 5/8")
Unloaded Height : 120 mm (4 3/4")
Maximum Width : 33 mm (1 1/3")
Unloaded Weight : 690 g (24 1/3 oz.)
Finish : blued

Sights :
. Rear  - fixed notch, dovetailed into slide
. Front  - staked  onto slide

The left side of the Bersa 383DA slide bears the rollmark: "BERSA S.A. RAMOS MEJIA, ARGENTINA
MOD. 383 DA CAL. 380 ACP",  with the serial number just under that on the left side of the frame,
and the legend "INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA" in turn below the serial number. 

Some 383DA's were designated 'Model 383 A' and were rollmarked using the Bersa logo rather than just the word, thusly:  "(BERSA) S.A. RAMOS MEJIA, ARGENTINA MOD. 383-A CAL. 380 ACP",  with the serial number just under that on the left side of the frame, and the legend "INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA" in turn below the serial number. This variation in markings seems restricted to the  U.S. market attributable to the pistols' having come through a different US importer, RSA  ENTERPRISES, as opposed to the then-typical K-MAX INTERNATIONAL.

Controls :

Parts Diagram :

1. Slide
2. Rear Sight
3. Rear Sight Blade
4. Rear Sight Spring
5. Rear Sight Screw
6. Front Sight
7. Extractor
8. Extractor Spring
9. Extractor Pin
10. Firing Pin
11. Firing Pin Spring
12. Safety
13. Safety Stop
14. Safety Spring
15. Slide Catch
16. Slide Catch Spring
17. Barrel
18. Front Sight Nut
19. Recoil Spring
20. Frame
21. Ejector Pin
22. Hammer Pin
23. Cocking Piece Pin
24. Barrel Pin
25. Grip Pin
26. Ejector
27. Ejector Bushing
28. Disassembly Lever
29. Slide Stop
30. Slide Stop Spring
31. Magazine
32. Magazine Feeder Platform (follower)
33. Magazine Spring
34. Magazine Bottom
35. Magazine Bottom Holder
36. Magazine Catch
37. Magazine Catch Spring
38. Magazine Catch Screw
39. Magazine Safety
40. Magazine Safety Spring
41. Trigger
42. Trigger Spring
43. Disconnector (trigger bar)
44. Disconnector Spring
45. Hammer
46. Cocking Piece
47. Hammer Spring Guide
48. Hammer Spring
49. Hammer Release
50. Right Grip Panel
51. Left Grip panel
52. Grip Screw


The Model 383DA was the double-action replacement for the single-action Model 383, retaining the latter's 'combat' trigger guard (providing a forward finger rest), and the swing-down disassembly lever on the right side of the frame, but adopting a new tang trigger and a different disconnector bar. 
The earlier trigger safety is discarded, and the magazine catch moved to the vacated location. 
A magazine disconnect safety remains, and the slide-mounted hammer safety of the second-generation pistols is reinstated.

Disassembly begins with switching down the disassembly lever to allow a full rearward pull on the slide against recoil spring pressure, until the slide leaves frame-rail engagement. The rear of the slide is then lifted slightly up and off the frame and frame-rails, and allowed to return forward, until fully off the the frame and the barrel. Removal of the slide catch and driving out other pins permits further and further disassembly.

As noted above, some Model 383DA pistols are rollmarked "Model 383-A", and this phenomenon seems restricted to units imported to the U.S. by RSA Enterprises, who would later become the main US importer for all Bersa products. However, at the time, the main importer was
K-MAX International.

The Model 383DA was in production from 1986 to 1988, after which Bersa's fifth generation of pistols was launched and the Model 83 claimed its place as Bersa's current production, single-stack .380 ACP pistol.



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